i love game of thrones
also other things
but mostly game of thrones

hey tumblr! i’m sad again so i’m back!

ahahhhhahhahahahhahahahahahhahhahhahhahahhahhhahahhhahahhahahhaahahahahahahaha i’m so annoying


ROOMMATE PLEASE DO NOT TALK LOUDLY ON SPEAKER PHONE TO YOUR DAD hold the phone to your ear and talk at a normal volume erghsienrgkseghiergjiore;jfs

my day


  • got a new water bottle (v exciting, this is at the top of the list for a reason people)
  • directing teacher says he sees me as a director, that it means something that classmates trust me to take control
  • washed my hair
  • was alone in my room for 5 hours without my roommate
  • found a new good strategy for editing my papers that is helping me
  • didn’t have my last class today because of conferences  
  • been drinking a lot of water out of aforementioned new water bottle, feeling v hydrated


  • got dropped on my back from 4 ft in the air in movement and had the wind knocked out of me, will probably hurt tomorrow
  • not going to finish my paper tonight that is due tomorrow, but i’m okay with that
  • have not yet folded my laundry from yesterday
  • haven’t watched girls or parks and rec from last week
  • bathroom is flooded with shower water


feel very strongly about the idea that all my friends are slowly starting to hate me. at this point there’s nothing i can do but let it happen. hahaha so ~~*annoying*~~ lol tessa suxxxx


i cry about everything do you cry about everything or am i a baby os do i suck

stopped doing my homework because i didn’t feel like i could hold a pen anymore, whenever i wrote it came out just ugly scribbles

one day writing will probably change to ugly weird sad scribbles

probably not


all my roommate and her boyfriend talk about on the phone is how they are in a long distance relationship and i just don’t understand how that can be it/interesting/worth it/fun


someone let me know when i can go home okay cool i hate it here


please keep talking to me

i know you don’t want to

but i can’t stop crying

and i don’t know what else to do


things i try to do basically every year but never follow through on

  • use notebooks for everyday thoughts/ideas/doodles (i have a shelf in my room dedicated to notebooks that have like five pages used in them, i have about 12 or so. looked through all the notebooks on this shelf tonight which was what got me thinking about all the things i never finish.)
  • keep checklists and actually check things off after i have done them rather than forgetting about the list
  • read more and keep track of all the books i’ve read
  • keep my room cleaner
  • take vitamins every day
  • finish a chapstick

also i just poked myself in the eye


i feel like it is time for me to get to try being in a relationship

and i have not met the person who i would like it to be with yet, and don’t want to have one just for the sake of having one because that wouldn’t turn out well

and i don’t mean it in a desperate like teenage girl like “why doesn’t anyone love me?!” kind of way

i just mean like i have never gotten to experience that and i think i would like to in the near future

other things i haven’t gotten to do that fit into this category: 

  • going on a road trip with friends
  • seeing bon iver in concert
  • dogsitting
  • spending christmas in london